Indicator FAQ:

How do I gain access?

Once the payment is made you will receive an order form and should receive access in 24 hours. Please close and reopen your browser during that time.

What are the rules of the system? How do I use it.

The rules of the system are quite simple and can be reviewed:

Video explanation will be available as of 17/03/20

Is there a back testing of the indicator?

Yes, you can review the back testing of the indicator, along with all of the entry and exit points as an example

We recommend you open this with excel rather than google docs.

Do I need Trading View?

Yes – You will need Trading View. Although not necessary to make the indicator function, we recommend purchasing the Pro version so that multiple time frames can be used.

The back tested indicator was used on the 6 hour for which pro is required. The indicator works best on the 2 hour – 1 week timeframes.

Do I need to use this as a standalone system?

No, this can be utilized either as a standalone system or as a complementary product to your existing strategies. Filb does both.

Does the indicator guarantee I make money?

No the indicator does not guarantee you make money. The indicator and accompanying system is designed to help manage risk in the market.

This indicator should be used alongside and to complement other knowledge of trading gathered via your own education; risk and size management are entirely at your own discretion.

Can I trial the code?

No, it is not available for test.

Will I receive updates to the code?

We plan to continue working on the code and they will be pushed out.

Is this a one time payment?


Can I pay with paypal or via some other method?

Not at the moment.

Can I set alerts on the indicator?


Is there additional support?

We have endeavoured to provide as much information as possible as how to use the system, but you can contact filb directly on telegram if you have already reviewed the information and are still uncertain on details.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds for the indicator package.